Tasting: Strykover Slivovitz 72%

Slivovitz Strykowska Premium 72%

Slivovitz Strykowska Premium 72%

Some time ago, fell into my hands unusual drink Slivovitz Strykowska 72%. This brandy is produced according to the eighteenth century recipe, stored in the archives of the Jewish community. It is the only brandy in the world that is certified Kosher for Pesach, which means the highest possible standard of ritual purity. To receive, production plant and production line had to go through a thorough modernization. All elements which flows brandy in the production process (vats, tanks, literally each tube and each container) have been replaced with new certified Kosher or have undergone a process koszerowania. The entire production line was approved by the ultra-orthodox in Israel rabiniczy court. For each element involved in the production is glued special kosher certificate. The entire production process takes place in one place, because, like distillation and bottling took place in other places, is a car designed to carry plum brandy would need to be kosher.

All components, each intermediate used in the production of this drink, has been thoroughly tested and approved by the court rabiniczy in terms of kashrut. The yeast used in the production process are imported from Antwerp.

The exact formulation is not known. The main components are the focus of plums, raisins and sugar. Set inoculated with a special yeast and allowed to ferment. At the end goes to the rectification column, that is, to distillation .

Slivovitz is a delicate straw color and is slightly oily, involved in the glass gently flows down from the walls. We can feel the distinct aromas of plums and pleasant, delicate scents fusel (in the end it has to taste like the one that was made ​​centuries earlier). Slivovitz not drink the whole glasses, but the taste slowly. The first feeling is soft, crisp taste of plums and distillate . The longer flows to the stomach the more heats the whole body and mind.

Cedyk of Szydtowiec said that brandy was a gift from God

for the Jewish people, because it contains three elements:

* Brings joy, brings relief and comfort to consume;

* They offered it brings people together;

* Gives the maintenance of those who produce it;

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11 Responses to "Tasting: Strykover Slivovitz 72%"

  1. Clever said:

    also tried. I bought in the store at the airport in Warsaw for 75zł.

    The taste decent, heats of pierwsego phloem to the stomach. A true taste of plum brandy, fruit feel, feel that this distillate ing a spirit with hints of fruit.


  2. The magician said:

    Also tasted. Taste and smell phenomenal! From today, will be constant ui my house.

  3. Milosz said:

    I bought in Makro. Taste very good, bottle and kartnik beautiful. Overall, I can not stop raving about her friend :)

  4. anna s. said:

    Suuuper. And Not bad holds. Probably the best Polish plum brandy, if not exceeds the Moldovan and Croatian. LACK skipping because it's a delicacy.

  5. Milosz said:

    Recently I discovered a plum brandy strykover of voltarzu 40%. In my opinion, even better than 72% :)

  6. Mr.R said:

    Oh yes, Slivovice Strykowska also occurs in the power of 40%. It may be better, as less power makes the flavors are more noticeable.

  7. ewelina said:

    for me it was a revelation. so they do not do a good plum brandy, even our Highlanders :)

  8. Rafal said:

    Anno: this Łcką brandy just need to be careful what and where to buy, because I know from experience that Lacko - Łącka not equal. If you do not know where and from whom to buy it - you can pretty well cut to crap in a bottle with a nice label.

  9. krzysiek said:

    I Slivovitz Strykowska 72% kosher three bottles and two bottles of 40% can sell for 40 zł per bottle from what I read it is done under control so there is no possibility of chemical additives is a natural product kosher unique in Europe and even in the world

  10. Gregory said:

    Chris, and where did you get this plum brandy in these quantities? After all, it is expensive ;) But the fact, price 40 PLN, and 59zł in Makro is the difference :)
    Strykover Premium 72% gives a pretty hard time, but I like these wines :) 40% have phenomenal taste, smell great, and in general is something to write about :) Apparently they have even taken the apple, you see how it will be drunk :)
    I am of myself, let me add that I bought 72% of the macro, and the Alma's a friend of mine.

  11. Janusz said:

    Chris, that your proposal (resale) is still valid? Interesowałyby me two bottles of 72%.

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